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Product Information

Froth Board Wax All Water

All Water Wax for all temperatures
For use on Surfboards / Bodyboards / Skimboards etc.
Price is for one block/bar.


Australian based Froth are surf wax gurus! They have spent 8 years developing a premium grade range of professional standard waxes that give longer rides, more tackiness, grip and traction, helping stay on the board longer and a wax that doesn't move under your feet.
Designed for all water temperatures.
Froth surf wax was formulated to stick to your board better than any other surfboard wax on the global market.
Froth doesn’t get bare patches.
Froth will often last over 3 times longer than your average wax.
Froth includes a full range of 8 advanced formulas.
Packed in an individually bar coded neat re-usable box – no more sand in your wax or mess in the car.


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