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Product Information

2018 NP Thermabase Lady Short Jane

Year: 2018

Thermal garments to be used as base layers or on their own

THERMABASE is a thicker base layer constructed from 0.5mm neoprene and Titanium lining that reflects heat back to your body.

 0.5mm neoprene - Flatlock stitching - Titanium liningSCS-bands to prevent the legs to ride up

Sizes Available:
34XS 36S 38M 40L
Colour: Black
For more Info and Sizing Chart Click Here

Thermabase keeps out the wind chill. Thermabase are 0.5mm neoprene thermal undergarments that increase the versatility of your existing suit without increasing bulk. Put this under your existing winter or summer suit if you feel works!
I first saw a thermabase short john when Jamie Hawkins wore one under his suit on a very cold day at Littlehampton Beach... I didn't laugh for two reasons.. one.. he is a lot bigger than I am and two..I was frozen and he said he was getting too hot!  It also works well under a Rash vest and shorts, for sailing in warmer climates.


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