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Product Information

2018 - 2019 Quatro Super Mini Thruster 85

Year: 2018 - 2019
Stubby Style Wave Board. Tri Fin (Thruster)

Board Volumes:

Pro Carbon S-Glass
1 x MFC TF RTM Black Center US Box. 17-18-19-20cm
2 x MFC TF RTM Black Mini Tuttle Thrusters (all boards use10cm)
Sail size:
(depending upon board and rider size)
Straps: MFC
Red/Black on Sparkle White
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Technical Information Click Here

85 available at £1599.00!

The Super Mini is now in it's second year and has proved itself as a great board to get out on in the lightwinds but rips like a full on wave board when you are out (why struggle...). It is a board that will inevitably be compared to the Stubby / Slate / Reactor type of waveboards and some say that Keith has got the design concept right (current owners have been suitably impressed by the boards alround capability). Quatro say..

Keith Teboul: “I’m lost for words. This new compact board has been blowing my mind.
A fast three stage rocker with full vee and double concaves makes this board extremely quick to plane, glide through lulls strongly and stable as a door. Yet when you put it on a rail, the newly configurated diamond tail makes this board turn on a dime and drive forcefully through any section of the wave.
Adjustments in the stance and fin positioning are allowing for the most efficient riding possible”.


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