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Product Information

2018 - 2019 Quatro Pyramid Thruster 83 or 96lt

Year: 2018 - 2019
Side Shore Wave Board. Tri Fin (Thruster)

Board Volumes:

Premium PVC & S-Glass
1 x MFC TF RTM Black Center US Box. 16-17-17-18-19cm
2 x MFC TF RTM Black Mini Tuttle Thrusters (all boards use10cm)
Sail size:
(depending upon board and rider size)
Straps: MFC
Red/Blue on Sparkle White
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Technical Information Click Here

83 - 88 - 96lt Boards Now available at £1599.00

The Pyramid is the waveboard for the Down the Line sailor or for those who have wave riding as their main goal in life. Oddly enough the Pyramid has proved to be very poular with local south coast sailors, as not only is it fantastic on the wave face but it is still has brilliant manners for having fun during those typical onshore wind days too.  Quatro say..

Keith Teboul: “I’ve been working on the Pyramid design with Levi and Camille for a couple of years now. They came to me looking for more speed and more grip without losing any of the looseness and turn ability of this model.
I’ve redesigned the rocker to have a nice moderate entry, a smooth constant curve between the stance to keep the glide and a bit of tail release to keep the turns snappy.
I added four tail channels to keep the board projecting through turns and with lots of follow through. On top of this I kept the swallow tail to add to the grip in the turns. A narrower nose allows a quicker transition into bottom turns and the beginning of the cutback. An radical surfy wave board for pushing your limits.”


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