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Product Information

2018 - 2019 Ezzy Sails Lion

Year: 2018 - 2019

6 - 7* Batten 0-2 Cammed High Tension Outhaul Freeride Sail

Can be used as a No Cam - Single Cam - Twin Cam.

Sail Specifications are below the description.
* 6 battens on 6.0m / 6.5m


Twin Roller Spilt cams provide great light wind power and high wind control.
Narrow mast sleeve doesn’t fill with water, making water starts easy.
Calibrated rigging guide gives precise tuning for better performance.
Ezzy cam system will fit any RDM or SDM mast made in the past 20 years.
RBS epoxy battens are stronger and stiffer than vinyl-ester battens.
Every Lion is rigged and thoroughly checked over in the factory.
Colours: Blue - Red

Size.    Price
6.0m   £680.00 SOLD!
6.5m   £700.00 SOLD!
7.0m   £735.00SOLD! 
7.5m   £755.00 Now £640.00 Blue
8.5m   £775.00 SOLD!
9.5m   £795.00 SOLD!

Please note. A proportion of the profit of every Ezzy sail sold goes to help schools in Sri Lanka.

The Lion replaced the longstanding Cammed Infinity Freeride sail in the Ezzy Line up and once again, added another Big Cat name to the lofts range. The Lion is now in it's 4th generation and is equiped with the Ezzy Calibrated Downhaul system and the latest plastic roller cams. New for 2018 is the addition of a 7.0m in the line up but the Lions main claim to fame is that it is 'probably' the only sail now available that offers no-cam, single cam or twin cam set up.. One does all! 
The official Ezzy words are below...

Quick to rig, the Ezzy Lion is one of our favorite sails because it makes going fast no-hassle. Highlights include:
Twin Cambers The Lion's twin cambers rotate effortlessly and can fit any mast built within the past 30 years.
Narrow Sleeve The narrow sleeve doesn't fill with water which makes uphauling and water-starting a whole lot easier.
Highest Tech Materials The Dyneema reinforced X-Ply and the Scrim-X are as light as monofilm, but they are exponentially more durable and have twice the UV longevity.
The Lion is a race sail stripped of everything that makes race sails difficult. The luff sleeve is narrow and easier to waterstart or uphaul than a wide sleeve that fills up with water. Like the previous Lion sails, the 2018 Lion rigs on all RDM and SDM masts. And, like all Ezzy Sails, the 2018 Lion is built to last.

Size   Luff       Boom   
sqm     Min Max  Min Max B'tns Cams   Mast
6.0   444 446    183 189   6   2   430/25/21
6.5   453 455    190 197   6   2   430/25/21
7.0   466 468    199 205   6   2   460/25/25
7.5   476 478    206 212   7   2   460/25/25
8.5   502 504    221 229   7   2   490/26/29
9.5   513 515    239 247   7   2   490/26/29

Suitable for RDM and SDM masts (2 sets of Cams Supplied). 


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