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Product Information

2018 Ezzy Sails Taka Mk4

Year: 2018
TAKA 4 is a pre-order sail as this is seen as a specialist wave riders sail (approx 2 months delivery) but at least you can have your own custom colours if you order a Quiver! :)
3.5 Batten Wave Semi Soft Sail

• Depowers when you sheet out to make wave riding much easier.
• Light weight and strong build.
• Great high-end.
• Fantastic low-end.
• Wide wind range, so fewer sails required in a quiver.
• Very stable in a straight line. In fact, David has many of his 
   flat-water/freeride sailors sailing the Taka range.

Mast Type: RDM
Note. To use the Ezzy Downhaul Indicator (PDS) their own mast should be used but the sails will rig on nearly any RDM mast.
Colours:  Yellow - Red
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Size.    Price
3.4m  £570.00
3.8m  £575.00
4.1m  £585.00
4.5m  £590.00
4.7m  £595.00
5.0m  £600.00
5.3m  £610.00

The Taka 1 was a long awaited sail for those that had loved the semi-soft sails of the late eighties.. but some found it 'difficult'.
The Taka 2 brought the sail up to date.. for a world where sailors are not just happy to get out on a board and ride waves.. the aerials are also important now..
The Taka 3.. we thought you really needed to be a 'wave head' to get the best out of this sail but it seemed that anyone can use a Taka and have a Great Days Sailing. And now The Taka 4 is here!

Ezzy say...

The Taka 4 is our latest and purest wave sail, which means it is designed for lightness and maneuverability. The Taka 4 goes effortlessly neutral due to the luffing of the 3/4 batten above the boom. A new construction design on the sail's leading edge makes the Taka 4 accelerate faster and feel more responsive than previous Taka models.
The Taka 4's massive low-end wind range makes it ideal for wave riders who like the maneuverability of a smaller sail. And like all Ezzy Sails, rigging gauges allow anyone to get the perfect downhaul and outhaul in seconds.
We love wave riding, and the Taka 4 is the expression of that passion for wind, waves, and a salty smile.
Size   Luff cm- Boom cm   Mast (base/top)
3.4m 352 - 130 / 140cm  340/340
3.8m 367 - 1343/ 143cm  340/370
4.1m 377 - 141 / 151cm  370/370
4.5m 388 - 150 / 160cm  370/400
4.7m 394 - 153 / 163cm  370/400
5.0m 400 - 158 / 168cm  370/400

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