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Product Information

2018 Fanatic Flow H9 Windsurf Foil

Year: 2018
Alloy / Carbon composite Windsurfing Foil

Mast Length 85 cm
Fuselage Length 75 cm
Front Wing Wingspan 64.5 cm
Front Wing Surface 744 cm2
Back Wing Wingspan 38 cm
Box System.Deep Tuttle M6 / Screw length for different Fanatic boards comes under "Fins" on their website
Tab Material Aluminium (Mast & Base)
Carbon Compound (Wings & Fuselage)

Wing protectors supplied.
Fanatic carry Bag available. £POA

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ere for more Info

Use of an Anti Corrosion inhibitor is advised when constructing a foil of Mixed Materials (Tuffgel or Duralac seem the most commonly used).
RRP £749.00
1 left in stock. Now available at £600.00

The H9 is one of the lightest alloy mast foils as far as we can see at the moment.  
Fanatic say..
Our entry level Flow H9 brings new and exciting sensations to the amazing sport of windsurfing. With a high specification Aluminium mast, it’s strong and extra stable with a solid Deep Tuttle connection to prevent bending.Taking durability to the next level, the wings and fuselage of our Flow H9 are made from Carbon Compound as opposed to the GFK / Carbon layup often seen in other brands.The design and functionality of the Fanatic Foil make it incredibly user-friendly creating effortless lift with smaller sails and in lighter winds. Our focus is 100 % on control, accessibility and progression as opposed to high performance. That said, the top speeds of our Foil make it highly competitive yet manageable.Believing that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy this exhilarating ride, our entry level Flow H9 is great value for money, easy to use and premium quality.

Incredibly user-friendly - Easy and stable ride - Super strong Carbon compound wings and fuselage - High specification Aluminium mast made in Germany - Polygon screw lock inserts - Optional wedge - Great value for money.


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