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Product Information

2012 Tushingham Storm Force 5.0m Used TM11

Year: 2012

Ref: TS512TM11
Size:  5.0m
4.14cm adj. head.
400 - 430cm SDM / RDM
Colour: Red

The Storm has to be the most famous sail in the UK and this is the last version of these infamous Tushingham freewave-freeride sails. Five Batten rotational sail designed for all conditions and in this size it is best on a freewave but can also survive pretty well on a wave board. This particular sail is in very good condition overall but does have slight board nose damage to the panel above the boom (cosmetic not structural).
Boards Mag / Tushingham say..

Ken Black, the Tushingham sail designer reckons the development of the new ‘Storm’ range has been his most exhaustive project to date. It’s well over ten years since the first Tushingham Storm hit the water, it was an instant success as the first high wind sail not specifically designed for wave sailing. The requirements for control in windy rough conditions are very different to those required on the wave face. “In many ways this brief is the most demanding because it’s freeride working with full-on wave. The principal ingredients are; light feel, early planning, control and manoeuvrability. Added to this are the ease of rigging adjustments to cover the widest possible wind band” says Ken.
In order to improve the standards set by the previous highly acclaimed Storm designs, Ken has used a new shaping technique consisting of 95% horizontal seam shaping which delivers a crisper, more immediate power delivery. For this to feel comfortable in gusty conditions the leech has to work perfectly in tandem.  So the outline shape has been developed to now extend and optimise control over the whole leech area.
Every aspect in the construction of the new 2011 collection has been meticulously scrutinised to eliminate structural weakness and wear problems.  Tushingham have specified cloth from the world’s leading cloth manufacturer; Dimension-Polyant, who dominate the supply of structural laminates to the international yacht racing classes.  Ken Black and Roger Tushingham are adamant that by using the highest grade of materials – the reputation of best quality will be recognised by those that test and use the sails.  For more information on sail material check the DP site.


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