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Product Information

2019 Ezzy Sails Taka Mk5

Year: 2019
TAKA 5 is a pre-order sail as this is seen as a specialist wave riders sail (approx 2 months delivery) but at least you can have your own custom colours if you order a Quiver! :)
3.5 Batten Wave Semi-Soft Sail

• Depowers when you sheet out to make wave riding much easier.
• Light weight and strong build.
• Great high-end.
• Fantastic low-end.
• Wide wind range, so fewer sails required in a quiver.
• Very stable in a straight line. In fact, David has many of his 
   flat-water/freeride sailors sailing the Taka range.

Mast Type: RDM
Note. To use the Ezzy Downhaul Indicator (PDS) their own mast should be used but the sails will rig on nearly any RDM mast.
Colours:  Red - Blue
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Size.    Price
3.4m  £580.00
3.8m  £585.00
4.1m  £595.00
4.5m  £600.00
4.7m  £610.00
5.0m  £620.00
5.3m  £630.00

The Taka 1 was a long awaited sail for those that had loved the semi-soft sails of the late eighties.. but some found it 'difficult'.
The Taka 2 brought the sail up to date.. for a world where sailors are not just happy to get out on a board and ride waves.. the aerials are also important now..
The Taka 3.. we thought you really needed to be a 'wave head' to get the best out of this sail but it seemed that anyone can use a Taka and have a Great Days Sailing. And that was just the Taka 4..
But now the Mk5 is here and Ezzy tell you what the main changes are below!

Ezzy say...

We were there at Hookipa in the 80’s when
windsurfing changed from a sailing class to a form
of extreme self expression. We saw Mark Angulo
invent the wave 360; we saw it all. Back then, just
as now, we spent our mornings designing sails and
our afternoons on the water. Even though the
sport changed over the decades, the passion
stayed the same. And we draw on this passion to
build the Taka.
The Taka is a special sail, designed for
hardcore wave sailors. Hardcore wave sailors are
a small group of windsurfers who stand out for
being passionate in a sport of passion-driven
people and who live with sandy car seats, religious
devotion to forecasts, and dreams of dropping into
breaking waves. These are people who need a sail
that is effortlessly maneuverable while wave riding
but still stable and powerful in a straight line. They
need a sail that will withstand the bomb set wave
as it breaks on their head. They need a sail that
they can trust not to break, especially when the
conditions are critical. They need a sail built 100%
for waves with no compromise in performance or
durability. We, dedicated wave sailors ourselves,
know these challenges—and so we make the Taka.
The Taka’s 3 and ¾ battens are designed to
make the sail 100% neutral when luffed—sheeted
out. This makes bottom turns and cutbacks
effortless. This is the sail we choose for easy
backloops, wave 360’s, and double forwards.
Performance is not just about easy tricks, so
we tweak the Taka to accelerate early and have a
massive low-end wind range. Many wave sessions
require a sail that can adapt to dropping
winds—we all know that the best wave sessions
are the ones when the wind drops and everyone
else has come in.
And like all Ezzy Sails, rigging gauges allow
anyone to get the perfect downhaul and outhaul in
We meticulously cut, stick, and sew the Taka in
our very own factory. After sewing, we rig,
calibrate the downhaul gauge, and thoroughly
check every sail before we slip it in the bag.
Wave sailing is our heritage, and the Taka is
our passion project for everyone that loves the
feeling of bottom turning and flying above the lip’s
Size   Luff cm- Boom cm   Mast (base/top)
3.4m 352 - 130 / 140cm  340/340
3.8m 367 - 1343/ 143cm  340/370
4.1m 377 - 141 / 151cm  370/370
4.5m 388 - 150 / 160cm  370/400
4.7m 394 - 153 / 163cm  370/400
5.0m 400 - 158 / 168cm  370/400

Ezzy offer what they describe as Unmatched Customer Service, so if you have any questions that relate to your Ezzy kit or prospective Ezzy kit, then please email them ( ) and you will get a personal response within 12 hours.


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