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Product Information

2019 Ezzy Sails Cheetah Freeride

Year: 2019
*6-7 Batten Freeride No Cam High Tension Outhaul Sail
(Sail Specifications are below the description).
* 5.5m is a 6 batten sail. All others are 7 batten.

RDM or SDM Mast.

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Blue - Red

Size.    Price
5.5m   £650.00
6.0m   £665.00
6.5m   £685.00
7.0m   £705.00
7.5m   £720.00
8.0m   £740.00
8.5m   £755.00
9.5m   £775.00

Cheetah.. it's still faster than a speeding Gazelle, which is still bad news if you are a Gazelle! The No Cam Freeride sail from the Ezzy loft is now in its latest 2018/19 phase. The use of the latest materials, small batten changes and less screen printing are once again making the larger sized sails feel so much lighter and more fun to use.. but not at the cost of the Ezzy Strength! The sails dimensions stay the same for 2019 and so mainly a panel and colour change. As with everything else.. the price has had to go up in line with the £ to $ exchange rate.. SORRY! 
Ezzy say..  We will update their say on the 2019 sails shortly as not on their site as yet. 

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Size m.  Luff cm.  Boom cm.  Ezzy Mast .
              min-max   min-max   base/ top

5.5        435-437     172-180    430/430
6.0        441-443     178-187    430/430
6.5        453-455     188-196    430/430
7.0        465-467     194-203    460/460
7.5        476-478     202-210    460/460
8.0        485-487     212-220    460/460
8.5        500-502     217-226    490/490
9.5        512-514     235-245    490/490


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