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Product Information

2021 JP Australia All Windsurfing Boards

Year: 2021
Our apologies for the current lack of 2021 JP information but will be updating our site in the near future.

We can supply any of the Boards available from JP Australia.
Please contact us if you are interested in any of their products and we will check the availability for you.

Note. AIR is an Inflatable Board.

For JP 2021 Information Please Click Here

UK Pricing 2021 £

ltimate Wave Pro 69,75,83,88,94,102lt £2099.00
Magic Wave Pro 75,82,89,95,105,115lt £1999.00

Freestyle Wave LXT 79,86,94,103,113lt £1899.00
Freestyle Wave ES 86,94,103,113lt £1599.00

Freestyle Pro 85,93,100,105lt £2099.00

Magic Ride LXT 99,109,119,129,139,149,159lt £1799.00
Magic Ride ES 109,119,129,139,149,159lt £1349.00
Magic Ride EVA 139,149lt £1399.00
Magic AIR 150lt £1199.00

Super Ride Gold 113,124lt £2349.00
Super Ride LXT 92,102,113,124,139lt £1849.00
Super Ride ES 113,124,139lt £1399.00

Super Sport Gold 122lt £2349.00
Super Sport LXT111,122,133lt £1749.00

Super Lightwind Gold 165lt £2499.00
Super Lightwind LXT 165lt £1899.00

FreeFoil LXT 105,115,130lt £1749.00
FreeFoil ES 115,130lt £1399.00
FreeFoil AIR 140,150Lt £ TBA

HydroFoil LXT
120lt £1999.00
135lt £2049.00
150lt £2099.00

HydroFoil ES
120lt £1299.00
135lt, 150lt £1349.00

HydroFoil Slalom Pro SL £2449.00
HydroFoil Course Race Pro £2499.00

Speed Pro 45cm £1949.00
50cm , 54cm £1999.00

Slalom Pro 55cm £1949.00
62cm £2099.00 71cm £2149.00
85cm £2199.00

FunRide ES 155lt £1249.00

Funster Sport EVA 145,165,195lt £1249.00
Funster EVA 170,200,240lt £1299.00
Funster AIR Sport 200lt £1199.00

Windsurf SUP EVA 10'9" £1349.00

Young Gun Magic Ride EVA 112lt £1049.00
Young Gun AIR LE WS 8'10" £649.00



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