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We have listed below all New Masts that are in stock and on offer.
They may appear on the site listed under the brand.
Please call us on 01273 465366 or Enquire to check they are still in stock.

Updated 06 05 2020

RDM Masts (skinny- reduced diameter)

340cm Pro Limit STX 60%          £169.00

370cm Pro Limit STX 60%          £179.00
370cm Naish C85%                    £329.00
370cm N.Pryde SPX 65%          £259.00

400cm Naish C100%                  £ Call
400cm Naish C 85%                   £339.00

400cm Neil Pryde Matrix 35       £179.00
400cm RRD Evo 35%                 £129.00
400cm RRD Avanti 60%             £209.00

SDM Masts (standard diameter).

460cm Naish C100                      £ Call




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