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Product Information

2011 Quatro Twin Fin 76lt Used SA05

Year: 2011
Ref. QT7611SA05
On /Side Shore Wave Board. Twin Fin
Length: 231cm
Width: 56
Fins: 2 x MFC 15.5cm US Box
Sail size: 3.0-5.6m (dependant upon board and rider size)
Straps: MFC

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The  Quatro Twinser was one of the best of the bunch and they ran it for 4 years. Twin fin boards as a whole got a bit of a slating from most that owned one which was in fairness, unfair! The boards do require an upright stance as the tails will 'slide' if you apply back foot pressure. Sadly Twinsers arrived just as the trend with harness lines was to go longer and a lot of the sailors found that although they sailed fine on a single fin they could not sail a Twin finned board. The Quatro actually performs really well in our South coast conditions.. it planes early and just as you would need to ride small waves it turns and slides around very easily! This board is in very good conditon overall (it has three small Dr Ding repairs on the Port rail) hence we have priced it at what we think is fair. Footstraps and fins etc. all good and if your eysesight is getting 'worn' you will never notice the marks anyhow! ;) Quatro say..

Advertising the Quatro Quad as the perfect wave board can be likened to carrying owls to Athens or telling you the sky is blue. Everybody knows it. This text is a redundancy.
Yes, the Quad has a new name. Cube. Four corners to each face. As in four fins. Get it? Okay. Not funny enough. Well we’re not going to waste this precious space by telling you jokes anyway. So how about you stop flipping fancy pictures already and just get out and go sailing like you mean it. That’s all this board is about anyway.
The Cube is Levi’s go to board for side to side onshore conditions. A little shorter than the Sphere with more hips in the outline for turning and a fast rocker for early planing. Levi uses this model from Hookipa to Waddell Creek to Pistol River to Baja California and everywhere else.
The Cube has a vee with double concave bottom for early planing. Its soft and stable ride allows you to go into turns at high speeds and still feel comfortable and in control. It’s the perfect board for those conditions that are a little out of control and you really want to tame that storm.
Premium Construction
The Quatro Premium Construction, offers a wonderful blend of superbly light weight, very high impact resistance and that famous lively Quatro feel. Put to the test daily and heavily by the Quatro team and riders worldwide, these windsurfing boards are both shaped and built to take surfing with a sail one step further.
Straps All Quatro windsurfing boards come with the new Maui Fin Company straps that take comfort to new levels and feature lush quality neoprene and a very soft inner sole. 
Pads All Quatro windsurfing boards come with pads of varying thickness levels, giving you cushion under your heels and grip where only grip is needed. 


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