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Product Information

2019 DaKine Cobra Half Hook ( Footstrap )

Year: 2019
KITESURFING Half Strap for Foiling or Directional (Surf) Boards


Ergonomically preformed
Allows fast exit of your foot when falling.
10mm thick foam padding.
4mm neoprene padding.
Extremely strong / resistant.
Material. 100% Polyethylene, stainless steel
Colour : Seaford

 Dakine Cobra Half Hook.. the footstrap you can come out of quickly and especially when starting out with foils. Falls can be hard and can damage ankles so these this half foot straps are designed so that you get out quickly. You still have good support and control due to the double mounting holes and Stainless fixing plate.  The 'hook' has thick padded neoprene. to protect against bruises which also dries quickly and is fairly easy to maintain. Attachment plate  is made of stainless steel.


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