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Product Information

2021-2022 Naish Surfing Alana Vario 2 part SUP Paddle S26

Year: 2021-2022


Vario 2 part SUP Paddle for all levels of profficiency and light weight riders.

  • Blade Construction 
    Dual Expansion Foam CoreBiax Glass/UD Carbon Reinforced LaminationMatte Finish
    Shaft Construction 
    Shaft and handle
    Durable Biax Glass UD Carbon Reinforced Shaft
    Traction Grip in Lower Hand Area
    Vario Shaft and T-handle Construction 
    Tahitian Style T-Handle with Traction GripHigh Modulus Pre-Preg Carbon Vario Shaft Pressure Cleat with Seamless Length Adjustment
Blade Surface Area: 80 in²/516 cm²
Weight: 0.575kg

Naish was one of the first companies to get into Stand Up Paddle Boarding and being based in Hawaii they have more than their fair share of Paddle manufacturing companies ( Polynesian's have been paddling all over the world for years!) which have benefitted their designs and construction processes. Naish say...

Who is it for?

The Performance paddles are for any paddler, in any condition.
What does it do?
These paddles are perfect for on-the-go length adjustment in a light and durable package.
Why is it unique?
Performance paddles keep much of the same tech of our most popular paddles and eliminate the ABS rail to offer a more affordable option.
The right blend of value and functionality, the Performance, Performance Alana and Performance Jr. are the accessible choice for all-around use. The glass matrix blade construction provides ample strength making this paddle the lightest in its class for this value. Glass matrix in the shaft delivers heightened flex curve for more energy absorption and less impact on the shoulders. For younger athletes, this is especially advantageous in preventing injury and promoting physical longevity.
Available in both vario and 3-piece options, this paddle is easy to transport and adjust on the fly. The anti-twist vario system features a single-notch system for perfect blade/handle alignment every time. Adding more durability to the design size 80 blade paddles feature a narrower flexible shaft to suit lighter riders with samller hands. The Hydro Seal fortifies the shaft exterior creating a watertight seal that enhances buoyancy—a helpful feature for newer paddlers.


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