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Product Information

Mystic Rack Strap set 3.5m or 4.5m

Length: 3.5m or 4.5m
Width: 25mm
Heavy Duty Cam buckle.
Protector under and over buckle.
Two straps per set.
Carry case supplied.
Colour: Black
Generally it's 3.5m for one large board or two small boards (width wise) 
and 4.5m for two wide boards etc. etc

Price £
3.5m £20.95
4.5m £22.95

Good quality Straps around designed for holding boards onto raks! Length will strap two plus boards , depending upon their widths of course. Please don't use a bit of old rope or a bungee and never leave a board on a rak unstrapped when windy.. they will 'fly'!


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