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Product Information

2021-2022 Ezzy Sails Wave Mk2

Year: 2021-2022
*4 Batten Wave Sail.  High Tension Outhaul Sail
(Sail Specifications are below the description).
* 5.8m and 6.3m Sails are 5 Batten

  • Designed for on-shore and side-shore waves
  • Super Balanced, Stable, Lowered Centre of Effort.
  • Wide wind range, so fewer sails are needed in your quiver.
  • Calibrated Rigging System makes setting the downhaul a no-brainer.
  • Downhaul indicators for rigg layout.
  • Accepts non-Ezzy masts (please ask!).
  • Lightest sail to date.
  • Every Sail is rigged and thoroughly inspected in our factory.
Mast Type: RDM
Note. To use the Ezzy Downhaul indicator their own mast should be used but the sails will rig on nearly any RDM mast.

For Graham Ezzys closer Look at the Wave Click Here!

: Blue. Orange.
Size.    Price
3.0m  £650.00
3.4m  £655.00 
3.7m  £660.00 
4.0m  £665.00 
4.2m  £675.00
4.5m  £685.00 
4.7m  £690.00 
5.0m  £715.00 
5.2m  £725.00 
5.5m  £735.00
5.8m  £745.00 
6.3m  £755.00


The Ezzy Wave was released last year as the sail to replace the Elite and what a change it was! The Wave had taken the best bits of the wave sail range (Elite, Taka and Zeta) and put them all into one sail design. The Wave is now the lightest sail from Ezzy to date (Customers have already confirmed that this is the case) due to the PVC impact panel in the window area being replaced by the much lighter X Ply. It is a four batten sail but the 5,8m and the NEW 6.3m have been deemed to be better in a 5 batten configuration.. no point selling someone something 'not as good' just because it is classed as a '4 batten sail'. :) 
Ezzy say.. nothing at the moment (15 01 2021)  as they still have the Mk1 on the website.. the Mk2 is that New!

What they said about the Mk1....

A new sail is born: the Ezzy Wave.
My (David Ezzy) goal with the Ezzy Wave was to combine the power and stability of our Zeta, with the lightness and handling of our Elite.
Getting the Ezzy Wave right was a challenge. It had to satisfy both my son Graham’s need for power in European on-shore conditions and 8x world champion Kevin Pritchard, who demands lightness and maneuverability for side-off wave riding.
The Ezzy Wave is built to my quality standards while coming in about 200 grams lighter, per sail, than the Elite. Weight reductions came in a number of areas. I replaced the vinyl window with Spectra-reinforced X-ply, and the clew design is lighter, which in addition to saving overall weight, reduces the swing weight. For comparison, the new 4.7 is now the same weight as last year’s Elite 4.2, making the Ezzy Wave one of the lightest wave sails in the world.
As with all of our sails, the Ezzy Wave is rigged and calibrated with a load cell, then meticulously checked over in my factory.
The Ezzy Wave comes highly recommended.
- David Ezzy

"The Ezzy Wave is so much better than my old sails that I feel like I have new boards, even though the boards are the same. These sails are so much lighter compared to the Elite, and when a gust hits, the sail simply accelerates without feeling heavy in the hands as it fills up with wind. This sail is powerful enough to get around in strong currents and onshore winds but also light and maneuverable enough to move around effortlessly on the wave—for onshore, sideshore, down-the-line. 
The Ezzy Wave is the best wave sail that I have ever used, and it motivates me even more to go on the water because I’m sailing better."
The Ezzy Wave is our lightest wave sail ever—about 200 grams per sail compared to the Elite. The Ezzy Wave is even lighter than the Taka. Most of the weight saving comes from a more advanced design of the clew reinforcement and a Spectra-reinforced X-ply window instead of vinyl.
The Ezzy Wave is built to withstand the daily beatings that a hardcore wave sail must endure, like big waves, sharp rocks, and coral reefs. The Ezzy Wave comes from a lifetime of sailmaking knowledge applied to get maximum strength while reducing weight.

Ezzy offer what they describe as Unmatched Customer Service, so if you have any questions that relate to your Ezzy kit or prospective Ezzy kit, then please email them ( ) and you will get a personal response within 12 hours.


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