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Product Information

2021/22 MB Albatros Wing Foil board

Year: 2021/22

Wing Foiling Board

Sizes: 36 - 58 - 78- 98 - 118lt

Construction Features:

1. Deck pads medium EVA 4mm

 2. Bi-axial carbon fibre (2 layers on deck, mixed glass/carbon on bottom shape)

 3. High density PVC sandwich on deck

 4. Glass fibre under the PVC

 5. Closed cell EPS core

 6. Specific high density PVC reinforcements and US foilstyle compatible double box

Rider Guide:

36-  Extremely light and extremely Good!
Suitable for Kite and prone Foil.
Supplied as a tri fin Surf board.

58 - Experts, light riders

78 - Advanced riders

978- One board for all conditions

118- Light wind or a Heavy Rider with moustache


Board Dimensions.
Vol.           Length / Width             Weight
36lt  4'6" / 138cm x 19.75" / 50cm  3.9kg
58lt  4’6’’ / 138 cm x 22’’ / 56 cm 4.9kg

78  5’0’’ / 152 cm x 24’’ / 60 cm 6.3kg

98lt  5’2’’ / 160 cm x 28’’ / 70 cm 7.7kg

118lt 5’9’’ / 180 cm x 31’’ / 80 cm 8.6kg 




Price for Board with Footstraps
36 £1350.00
58 £1350.00
78 £1375.00
98 £1399.00
118 £1399

MB Footstraps, Boardbag and MB Waist Leash included in price.

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MB are the sister company to Ensis and the board designs may look similar but that is about where it ends. MB are a board company only at the moment so no tie up with Wings and therefore you can use any wing you like! This new 3.2 version of the Albatros has been revamped again to keep up with the advances in both Foil and Wing designs. The boards are supplied with footstraps, a great bag and a decent waist leash. The 36 is a bit of a one-off, as the board is supplied with a set of FCS surf fins so if there is no foiling to be had it can be used as a conventional Surf Board! It has a one part V front strap system as the board is too narrow to be able to use normal footstraps on the front. MB say...

The new Albatros 3.2 shape, developed with Balz Müller, makes it easier to get onto the foil but keep the unrivalled stability of the previous models prior to take off.

The new straps, foil placements and the ultra compact shape provide a perfect balance on the water and  when in the air. The new bottom shape makes touching down smoother.

For the first time worldwide we now have a 36lt version that allows you to practice all your favourite sports: wing, surf foil, surfing, kite foil and pumping. 


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