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Test Review - 24/02/2014

RRD Wave Cult 92 Quad Limited 2014 £1650.00

 Neil is a very experienced wave sailor, who when not sailing at a local beach, spends his time at wave venues such as K-Bay, Gwithian and the Welsh breaks.

Hi chaps.

Managed to get out on the new board yesterday morning at Lancing.

Usually I would have gone for my Witchcraft 80 for the bolt onshore and strong winds but was tempted to find out what the upper range would be like with a 4.7 s1.

I was really impressed. The extra volume didn't get in the way too much and paid big dividends in the lulls on the inside. Being able to slog and pump onto the plane while in the straps makes life a lot easier .

I was worried about jumping it, but once I got over it, it felt lively and responsive in the air. The extra volume meant you would continue to hit the wave at maximum speed rather than having to pump towards the wave.

Once on the wave it felt very cruise and smooth, soaking up chop and keeping its speed up well. It didn't turn quite as tight as a smaller board and that's when the size became a bit more apparent. I think that's only an issue in more onshore waves and it will be fantastic in cross shore conditions.

One advantage in the extra size is the float in white water, either going out or when riding in. You don't get the dreaded sinking feeling that you get from a smaller board.

So how does it compare?

Against a small wave board, very favourably. Some limitations but far less than you might expect.

Against a fast wave board (eg tri fin) I think it offers a lot more wave riding potential and I don't think it trades away anything in get up and go, top speed or pointing. This was the biggest surprise!

Against a Freestyle Wave? Well I think that arena is going to segment into fast waves with tri fins and flat water free rides, but for jumping and wave sailing,  it's vastly superior to a FSW.

Thanks for supplying an awesome board. It looks great as well.

Cheers Neil 


Hi Danny.
I got a day pass yesterday and headed down to Gwithian to get the new board into some dtl waves.
Conditions typically Cornish, very gusty cross off wind and some lovely 3 to 4 foot waves. Quite punchy if they hit a sandbar.
I sailed for about 4 hours with a Severne S1 5.3 which feels like the perfect partner. Board behaved superbly and everything I was looking for. The extra volume comes in so handy when bogging out and never feels like it's holding you back. The grip is really secure in the bottom turn and keeps its speed up very well. Top turning is also very responsive.

So top marks!

Cheers Neil

More Information can be found by Clicking Here

Reviewed by Neil Gilbertson (Tested at Lancing and Gwithian)

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