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Test Review - 16/04/2014

2014 RRD Four Mk3 Sail

Mike Howard is a very experienced wave sailor from Eastbourne. He was using the RRD Four Mk2 sails last year and has made some interesting points about the changes for the Mk3 version.
Prices start at £435.00 for a 3.7m and go up to £530.00 for a 5.7m
Hi Danny
Sorry its taken a while but my feedback on the 2014 RRD The Fours as follows!

The first thing I noticed was that they are a bit heavier than the previous year – this may be the amount of screen printing for the design! When you are on the water you don’t notice it being heavier though. They look great and really stand out on the water and build quality seems really strong. They’ve survived a few high tide shore-break poundings completely unscathed!
They set a little flatter, which I like as they are easier to de-power in gybes and cut backs (Sky Boy told me to rig them with moderate downhaul.. but not to much.. and then use the outhaul for the power setting.

These are seriously powerful sails, I haven’t used the 5.3 yet (in 6 months of use!) as I’m on the 4.7 when everyone else seems to be on 5.8’s! I will definitely take this into account for the next sizes I choose. Instead of my usual 5.3, 4.7, 4.2, I may get a 5.0, 4.5, 4.0 or may even just get a 4.7, 4.2, 3.7.
The power and sizing took a while to adjust to, as I would take out my normal size for the conditions and be completely stacked!  I thought to start with that this was due to the wind range being smaller, or not such a good top end. Now I realise that I just need to take out one size smaller than normal.

They feel really nice on the wave, powering up as you do your bottom turn, although not quite so much on the back hand as last years, which personally, I miss.

All in all very nice wave sails.
I’m off to Moulay with them after Easter so will hopefully get plenty more action very soon!

Reviewed by Mike Howard

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