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Test Review - 02/08/2014

RRD Firewave 102lt

 RRD Firewave Ltd 102lt  2014
This review may be an interesting read for anyone considering a new wave board,  as it throws a little light on how good the widestyle wave boards can be for use on the South Coast. Marc is an experienced short board sailor ( he is modest...carving gybes are still something sailors struggle with ) and we are very grateful for his taking the time to send in this review!

Hope you are both well.

I have now had a really good couple of sessions on the Firewave 102 I bought earlier this year and whilst you will be pleased to hear I have been raving about it to anybody who would listen on the beach I thought I would write you a quick review for the website which is below. 

I am by no means an expert sailor but I enjoy sailing off the south coast whenever conditions permit and have also recently been to Club Vass to hone my skills and in particular nail my gybing ! Last year I sailed the RRD Firemove in Vass almost every day and absolutely loved this board. It was amazing to gybe and by the end of two weeks I was gybing round people and planing out of at least 50% of my gybes with a massive grin on my face.
A the time I had two RRD wave cult quads which I love but I wanted a board around the 100l size for those lighter wind days and to assist in my progress. On a spur of the moment trip into Surfladle I spotted the 102l Firewave outside in the rack and having already seen some great reviews of this board I enquired about purchasing or having a go. After a couple of weeks with no wind and having raised some funds I returned and found the board was still there so I decided to take the plunge and buy it which I am so glad it did! 
I have now sailed the board on several occasions at Littlehampton and it is fantastic. I love the build quality of the RRD boards, they look superb, are light and have great straps and pads.
Having not sailed since Vass last year due to a shoulder injury I was slightly concerned I would have forgotten how to gybe and would be really frustrated but this was not the case as jumping straight on the board I nailed my first gybe!
I have sailed the board with sails from 5.0 up to 6.0 and it has just put a grin on my face every time I have hit the water. The board is quick to get on the plane, fast when it is up and going,  jumps nicely, carves smoothly through gybes and I have even had a go at riding some waves on the way back in.
I suppose the simple question is would I recommend this board and the simple answer is...  YES!

Reviewed by Marc Clothier

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