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Test Review - 20/01/2016

Severne S1 4.5m


 Anybody who knows Rune will say that he is one of the best wave sailors we have around here (the Danish seem to make a habit out of being 'good') and although he is one of those guys that would make a barn door with an old sheet on it look good, he does say exactly what he thinks about kit (perhaps I can get him to recite what he said about his Quatro the first day he sailed it!) so I was quite happy when I read his review.
He does have one failing though...getting a Review to us on time! :)
He he..  thanks Rune! 

Hi Surfladle!

Just found time to compose a little S-1 review:

I have now owned these Severne S-1 sails for over a year now  and can surely say I have tested them in any conditions that the south coast can come up with. These sails are so light,  even when sailed with the Gorilla 75% carbon mast as I do.
For waveriding the S-1 responds super quick and goes from being powerful to neutral in a very short time, so I can focus on riding the wave.
I have noticed when landing high back loops, the flexible top of the S-1 makes the landing softer as the top seems to deflate the pressure and helps me by not being pressed forwards into the sail. I can highly recommend these sails to any sailor who wants to spend their time on wave sailing ;)

See you on the water!

Reviewed by Rune Sorensen

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