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Test Review - 27/03/2019

Ezzy Cheetah 8.0m 2018

Ezzy Cheetah 2018 8.0m (now updated by the 2019 model)

Ron Fay is a very experienced windsurfer who sails in the Exmouth area.
He was looking for a powerful Lightwind sail and opted for an Ezzy Cheetah 8.0m. Here is how he got on...
(Note. if your company has needs for signage or perhaps a display.. contact Ron! )

Hi Danny, just some feedback for you – the 8.0 Ezzy Cheetah is great.. does just the job I wanted. Now got it rigging great on my Tushingham Race mast. Although I’ve only been able to use it a couple of times it’s appreciably more powerful than my 7.5 Gator. It sets with a lot more depth of shape to it generally than the Gator with much more shape towards the top of the sail . In my view the Cheetah is probably equivalent power wise to an 8.5 Gator but it doesn’t seem to be any less manageable than the 7.5 gator as it feels ‘softer’ in use.
The extra shaping towards the top of the Cheetah means it’s great for water starting, as soon as you lift the tip of the out of the water and in to wind it’s like being on an elevator. I also like the way the battens fall behind the mast [probably giving the softer feel] rather than wrap around the mast as in the Gator – much more like sails I’ve had in the past – sail rotates beautifully! Don’t get me wrong I’ve got a full set of gators – 6.5, 5.7 & 4.5 & they’re all really great but I was never really convinced by the 7.5 as a light wind sail even with the correct Severne mast, it just didn’t do the job for me that past 7.5 sails have. Thanks for the great service again.


As Ron says, the Gator sails are great sails but for a lightwind Powerhouse  the NCX sail might have been a better option unless you want a tougher non monofilm sail, as per the Cheetah.


Reviewed by Ron Fay

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