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Latest News - 02/01/2019

Richard Atree writes a Novel... about Windys!

 Here's something interesting to kick off a New Year.. an old face :) from Shoreham Beach has written a Novel no less. Richard Attree, who I a know a lot of you will remember, along with his wife Nikki, moved to the Canaries a number of years ago to improve their windsurfing, as well as their life style. Apparently both have improved and it seems that Richard has spent the non-windsurfing time well. This is a bit of a change from his normal writing which is musical scores for television and film so I was a little surprised when Nikki forwarded this info to me.

Richard has just launched a Prequel on Bookfunnel to publicise the forthcoming Novel which is called 'Too close To the Wind'. Sounds a good title so please have a read and leave your comments, as I am sure Richard will be keen to see what other windsurfers think.. as this is apparently the first ever Windsurfing Novel ( unless someone knows different?). Well done Richard and we hope it does very well for you! 
Click Here for the Prequel!

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