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Latest News - 22/03/2019

Warm Weekend with Sunbeams.. Naish is in and the Tides are High

 Well... it's a weird old world for weather and this weekend is the first in a while which will not have howling gales or torrential rain.. so perhaps 'Spring' is getting closer?

Last year at this time it was freezing cold with the roads constantly being salted.. this I remember as the Pioneer Motorcycle Run takes place on Sunday and last years was a pretty horrible day to take priceless machinery for a 'run' (in 2013 they actually had to cancel it as the weather was so bad). Hopefully this year will be a joy for the entrants as the weather looks to be mild and dry! We will be lucky as well as the course has been altered to follow the old coast route (the A23 is deemed no longer safe for this type of event) so at Henfield they leave the A281 and come down the A2037 through Smalldole, and then onto the A283 at Upper Beeding to Shoreham and off along the A259 to end up at Madeira Drive in Brighton. A much nicer route and will allow greater spectator viewing. You can find out more about this non watersports event at 
and whilst you are down in Shoreham you can nip in here! :) 
We have to pre-order our kit with the majority of our suppliers and Naish Wind and SUP arrived recently. 
Their all new inflatable SUP board range is quoted as being 'much stiffer' than before (a new factory manufacturing the boards) and they have now added a stiffness rating to each of their boards. Overall the product looks far better with improved graphics and even the bags are visually 'brighter' and have wheels. The prices have actually come down on the range with the Naish Nisco One Design now selling for only £799.00 (no paddle but for a race board it is cheap!).
You can see more about the inflatable SUP boards at
We have taken two of their Foiling boards to put on the rack. First is their 120lt Crossover board which is a 3 Mode combined SUP and Windsurf hybrid. You can SUP it or you can go foiling on it as a SUP or as a Windsurfer.
Price is £1849.00 and the Thrust Surf Foil (available in three sizes..not shown but we have one in stock) start from £1049.00.
The other is the Hover 122 which is a Windsurf Foil specific board (you can only ride this with a foil fitted as its rails are designed for super release to plane and reduce 'rail catch' when you drop the nose back down inadvertently (causes the board to turn the moment the rail catches). The first version of this board sold in reasonable numbers thanks to the promo video from Robby Naish showing what it could do and this model is claimed to be a step up from that, so it should be an early releasing and very easy board to ride. Price is £1749.00 and the Thrust WS foil starts from £1099.00 (again we have one in stock).
And that is that.. as if I go on much longer I bet I get issues with posting this! Just the weather and the tides which is.. or are..
Saturday. Winds from the Nor 'East running at 18-23kts (Pevensey Bay or Pagham are the closest beaches if you must get out) with temps of around 11°. Tides are High at 12.57hrs on a big 6.6m so great for River paddling.
Sunday. Winds are almost from the North at 6-9kts with the temp hanging in there at 10° (could be warmer as the wind won't be off of the sea!). Tides are High at13.37hrs on a 6.5m.
This is the last weekend of Winter Time.. next Saturday it all changes to SUMMER again! Whoopee for that and as for Brexit on the 29th.. let's not go there!
Have a good one.

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