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Latest News - 25/05/2019

Weather Update for the Weekend from Bill Short

Forecast update.

So it's a bank holiday weekend, and with the potential for three days of wind.
Saturday: The Met Office give a bit of wind this afternoon, at 14mph to 25mph, WSW but with the strongest wind not until 6pm – and that coincides with high water which is at about 4.30pm, although we are on neap tides this weekend.
Sunday is windier but with showers possible and which would muck up the flow locally. The Met Office give 17-26mph in the morning, building to 19-30mph for the afternoon as the tide rises. Low water in Hove is at about 11am, with high water timed for about 5.30pm. Note that it may be a cloudy day, and that temperatures are a bit low at 14 degrees.
On Monday, the wind may start at WNW but it soon backs onshore at WSW and with a build to 18-31mph by 4pm. With the neap tides, high is not until 6.45pm, so it's low at about midday.
For those on half term holidays, there should be further shortboard wind on Tuesday, albeit currently forecast at WNW.

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