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Latest News - 01/07/2022

More time in rubber ,Teddys r Us and a Used Wing board bargain!

 Friday is here and the Weekend is once again, rising on the horizon! No wind and then you get lots of wind...  it does seem that you can never get a happy medium but I for one am not going to knock it, as the forecasters predict that it will be done by Sunday afternoon and High pressure will be moving in to bring summer back to the UK next week onwards (from the 8th July the temps are supposed to ‘rocket’). So that does give a few people the opportunity for wind sports over the weekend, with Saturday currently offering the stronger winds.

One thing that has to be said is that far more people would have been out ‘playing’ in the surf on their iSUP boards, if they had owned a wetsuit during ‘flaming June’. A family have just been in who bought a SUP last Saturday and they said that the wetsuits made a windy (therefore chilly) Sunday afternoon at the beach so much fun. The water is quite warm at 18 degrees but if the wind has a slight ‘edge to it’, the shivers do not take long to get going. So why people have not invested in at least a shorty wetsuit to extend the number of fun days they are getting on their SUP is strange. For slight windchill days the Ladies have the opportunity to wear neoprene swimsuits under their normal paddling wear. These offer so much warmth if you have inadvertently ‘dropped in’, so definitely a life saver if you are planning a long paddle up a river. For playing in the surf why not consider a shorty wetsuit. The guy’s Raider and ladies Edge shorties from Pro Limit are great for such purposes. Easy to get on and will offer enough ‘core protection’ to enable the wearer to stay in (or rather on) the water for considerably longer.
Price is £65.00 for the ladies Fire Sleeveless Shorty (size range from Euro 34-44) and for the men’s Raider (sizes 46- 58) and ladies Edge shorties (sizes 34-44) it is £75.00. We do of course offer other excellent wetsuits and neoprene accessories from ION, Mystic, Pro Limit, Sola and TWF (for the juniors). One big thing with rubberwear, best come along and try it on,, as fit is King!
Note. Don’t forget a snuggly Beach Poncho for after getting wet wear.. as per the Mystic Teddy.. which also comes in a Junior size, for that ‘The Three Bears’ family look!
Anyone looking for a wingboard on a budget? We have just dropped the price on a Used (but new) MB Albatros 3 Mk2  98lt to £800.00. The MB Albatros is the board ridden by Balz Muller, who currently is one of, if not the top ranking man in World wing’in competition, so they do have a good pedigree. This particular used board is in fact brand new, as we replaced the owners previous board under warranty but he was concerned that MB were ‘faulty’, so he changed to a-n-a-n-another brand. Sadly, he currently has issues with that board as well (not one that we supplied), so everyone is having teething problems with Wing boards and the ones we deal with have all looked after their customers. So, you get a brand new board which is out of warranty but still a better option than a used board at the same price, along with a new board bag, used but like new footstraps and a MB waist leash, all for £800.00. It’s got to be worth a look! We can find a used foil for it as well or have reasonably priced new foils as well!
Now for the weekends weather and Tide times. 
Saturday we have wind from the Sou’West running at 13-18kts all day. No rain by the looks of it and a temperature of around 16°C (water is now 18°C which felt ‘bath like’ last Monday evening... with a wetsuit on :). Tides are favourable for wind sports first thing or in the later part of the afternoon, as the High is at 13.38hrs on a 5.8m, which will also be good for SUP on the rivers, if you decide to do a one-way inland paddle (coming back towards the coast into the wind could be hard going).
Sunday the winds drop back to 10-16kts and are from the Sou’Sou’West early in the morning before moving back to Sou’ West for most of the day. It should feel warmer as the winds decrease on the coast, so the High at 14.43hrs on a 5.7m could be a nice time to ‘tootle’ your SUP around in the estuary or get your foils out onto the sea.. I am sure you will find something FUN to do at Shoreham.
And that is it for this week’s ramble. I do hope your plans for this weekend come to fruition and that the worries caused by our Modern World Politics can be put to one side...  as it’s good to smile, now and again.
Chin up!

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