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All New SUP Boards currently in stock

The Below Boards are all New and in Stock.
They may also be shown on our website in the manufacturers listings.

Please Call us on 01273 465366 to Reserve or Click Here if you would like more info on any of the below. 

Updated. 17 06 2021


NAISH HOVER CROSS-OVER 120lt 2019  On Offer at £1199.00
Click Here for more Info

RRD COTAN PRO 7'6" x 28" Y23 £899.00

RRD LONGSUP  WOOD 9'4" x29" Y25 £1099.00

Starboard Hyperfoil 7'2" x 30"  £929.00

Stock is changing Daily at the moment.
We have hundreds of Inflatable SUPs on back order, many models from RED Paddle, Fanatic, Gladiator, STX and a few models from JP, Starboard and O'Shea.

Fanatic FLY AIR 9'8" Pure Package £469.00
Fanatic FLY AIR 10'4" Pure Package £479.00
Fanatic Fly Air 10'8" Pure package £489.00 Back order

1 x FANATIC DIAMOND AIR 9'8" Pure Package £699.00 
Board Only £599.00

1 x FANATIC RAY AIR 11'6" PURE Package £529.00
Board Only £489.00
Click Here for FanaticSpecs

CALL to Pre-Book a Board!  
Click Here for Gladiator Specs 

O'Shea QSX 10'2" Blue 2021 package £539.00

O'Shea QSX 11'2" 2021 package £599.00
Click Here for O'Shea Specs

1 x STX 14'0" x 32" x 6" Touring package 2021 £699.00
1 x STX 14'0" x 30" Touring Pack £699.00
1 X STX 12'6" x 32" Touring package 2021 £599.00
All other models are on back order.
Click Here for STX Specs

Sola 10'6" x 30"  £475.00
Sola 11'0" x 30"  £495.00
TWF 10'6" x 30"  £375.00

Don't See what you want? Please Call as we may have other 
Boards coming in shortly!

Click Here for Sola / TWF Specs



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