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Test Review - 28/04/2017

Fanatic Freewave STB 96lt TE 2017 & Fanatic Blast 115lt Ltd 2017


Review by Graham Highsted. 
Location. Shoreham By Sea.
Graham weighs in at 74 kg and has been kitesurfing for aeons but decided to get back into windsurfing at the start of 2016 (he windsurfed 'a lot' in his pre-kiting years). You would have to class Graham as an experienced sailor or in more alround terms, a Salty Dog (in the nicest sense!).
Hi Chaps!
As you asked, here's a quick review of these two incredible boards.
Fanatic Freewave STB (Stubby)TE 96lt 2017
RRP £1899.00
I sailed this board for the first time last week and here are my findings:
The wind strength was 20kts and I was using a 2016 Ezzy Elite 5.7 with a single free wave 29cm fin and with the deck plate 1cm back from centre.
This board just leaps onto the plane, I mean really easy! It flies upwind and my gybes have definitely improved, as it's just so stable and inspiring through the turns. It makes you want to really push your sailing. And all this in just 20 knots? I can't wait to sail it as a thruster in the waves . It just amazing, Fanatic are really onto something here.
Fanatic Blast 115lt Limited 2017
RRP £1549.00
I just loved the look of this board and got to sail it today (Monday 24th) with a 2016 Ezzy Cheetah 6.5. The wind was 15-20 knots. On my first run I used an MFC 32cm Liquid Pro which is my usual choice of fin when on the 6.5 but it just kept on spinning out / letting go. I changed to the supplied 38cm Choco fin and what a difference, not one spin out and oh my , it just kept on going faster and faster, until I was scared to go any faster! I wear a GPS watch and I got the board up to 25 mph which I felt was not bad for my first sail on it. Now I can't wait to see how fast I can push it, again this board is really inspiring in the gybe. I may have to put a 7.5 in the quiver as I reckon I could be screaming in 12 knots.
I don't normally review my equipment but anybody thinking of buying either of these boards.. YOU will not be disappointed!
Good winds

Reviewed by Graham Highsted

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